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Custody issues can come up when you least expect them and the means for addressing those issues can be complicated and frustrating.  Mark Raines will help you navigate through these custody issues.  Come in for a free consultation and Mark Raines will discuss your options and help you develop the best strategy for changing custody, obtaining custody, trying to keep custody or whatever situation you are in. 

Every parent has rights when it comes to their child and Mark Raines will advise you as to what those mean and why they matter. Many people that have obtained custody or are looking to obtain custody also have a strong desire to adopt.  To successfully adopt in Ohio you must comply with Ohio’s adoption statutes and with limited exceptions must have the parents’ consent.  Mark Raines will work with you to discuss what you need to do to successfully adopt.  Mark Raines will help with your step-parent adoption, relative adoption, non-relative adoption, or CSB adoption.  Come in for a free consultation and Mark Raines will work to get you the best possible result.

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