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Mark Raines

Mark Raines is a proud graduate of the University of Cincinnati and Chase Law School.  He opened his practice in 2015.  Since that time, he has been in court nearly every day representing clients in Criminal Defense, OVI/DUI, Custody, Adoption, Juvenile Delinquency and other legal matters.  Mark Raines is also a part time public defender for the Butler County Public Defender’s Office.  Mark Raines started his practice because he wanted to help good people navigate the complicated legal system to get the results they are looking for. 

Since opening his practice, Mark Raines has successfully defended adults and juveniles in criminal cases, worked out hundreds of plea reductions in other cases, helped parents or other relatives retain or acquire custody, helped clients successfully adopt children and helped clients in various other legal matters.  No case is a guaranteed success, but Mark Raines will work diligently to get each client the best result possible.  The best days as an attorney are when you help a client get the result they want, whether it’s beating a charge or adopting a child.  Mark Raines looks forward to continuing to work hard for each and every client to do everything possible to get their desired result.

Mark Raines
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