John Oliver Tackles US Bail System

There was a really interesting segment on Last Week Tonight this week as John Oliver addressed the Bail System in the United States. Of note was nearly 40% of people in jail in New Jersey were in jail because they couldn't meet bail. Bail is set based on the seriousness of the offense charged, the previous criminal record of the defendant, and the probability of the defendant appearing at the trial of the case. The problem is many poor people cannot afford bail. It is a big issue when people are pleaing guilty to get out of jail, because the days already served due to not making bail are more than a judge would impose if found guilty. People end up giving up their right to a trial, because in effect the bail system has already caused them to be sentenced. This segment from Last Week Tonight also talks about Washington DC and their reforms of the bail system. Very interesting and something every state should start looking into.

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