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Being charged with an OVI can be a scary time for anyone. Even a first OVI offense in Ohio can be punishable by 6 months in jail, a $1075.00 fine and a year license suspension. Anyone charged with an OVI should discuss the matter with an Attorney as soon as possible. Many attorneys will offer free consultations, so do not be afraid to discuss issues with multiple attorneys until you find one you are comfortable with.


Mark Raines will fight for each and every client to try to achieve what they want out of their case. Every case and client is different, and each client should know their specific interests are being represented. An OVI is a serious charge with serious potential consequences, but an OVI charge can be beaten when a defendant and their attorney have a willingness to litigate. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and there are ways to attack any evidence the prosecution seeks to use against you (see FAQ). Mark Raines will work with each client to develop a strong case strategy tailored to the specifics of that case.


While the seriousness of an OVI conviction means that defendants should strongly consider fighting an OVI charge, Mr. Raines understands that each client's circumstances are different, and sometimes a plea may be warranted. Mr. Raines will work with each client to achieve the best plea possible when that is the desire of the client. Mr. Raines understands the financial burden an OVI can place on a client and is focused on providing the client with reasonable rates based on the amount of work done. 


Mark Raines encourages you to call and discuss your case today. Mr. Raines will provide each potential new client with a free phone and/or in-person consultation. 



Misdemeanor Criminal Law



Even a seemingly minor criminal charge has the potential to negatively impact an individual. It is important to speak to an attorney and figure out what your options are. Take advantage of a free consultation. Mark Raines will help you fight your charge to get you the best possible result in this difficult time. Some of the charges Mr. Raines will defend include:


  • Disorderly conduct

  • Public intoxication

  • Criminal trespass

  • Possession of controlled substance

  • Theft

  • Underage consumption/Possession of alcohol

  • Purchase of alcohol with fake ID

  • Domestic Violence



Expungement / Sealing Criminal Record



Good people often find themselves in trouble with the law.  Fortunately, Ohio Law offers the opportuntiy for you to seal prior criminal charges and prevent them from showing up on your record.  Mark Raines will offer a free consultation to any person who wants to discuss the possibility of sealing his or her record.  For more information on getting your criminal record sealed click HERE. Take action now to get your record sealed and make your life easier going forward. 

Family Law / Juvenile Law


Mark Raines understands that legal issues involving family and children are among the most trying anyone can face. Mr. Raines will work hard to provide you with high-quality representation. He will keep you informed at all times and fight hard so that you know someone is working for you. Mark Raines is willing to handle a variety of family-law issues including:


  • Custody

  • Child support

  • Adoption

  • Divorce/Dissolution

  • Separation agreements

  • Truancy

  • Juvenile Criminal Defense

  • Underage Possession

  • Underage Consumption

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills

Making sure your family is secure after death is a major concern all families deal with. Mark Raines will help you set up a will tailored to your specific needs. Whether you already have a will and need to make changes, or you are setting up a will for the first time, Mr. Raines will walk you through your options and create a will that works for you and yours.


Additionally, Mr. Raines will help you set up a living will and power of attorney to make sure your end-of-life medical treatment and financial decisions are made in the way you want them to be. Call now for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Client-Centered Representation


Mark Raines' mission as your attorney is to provide reasonably priced, comprehensive representation, tailored to the interest of each client. Mr. Raines will meet with each client as often as necessary to develop a strong case to achieve the client's goal. To that end, Mr. Raines will work hard to make sure every client is informed of all of their options; kept up to speed on the progress of the case; and able to communicate with Mr. Raines regarding any questions or concerns they have. Each client should feel that, no matter the situation they are going through, they will come out the other side better for it, and that they have an attorney who is looking out for them. 

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