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Often times good people find themselves in trouble with the law.  Whether it was a one-time mistake, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being wrongfully charged with a crime, this trouble with the law is something that can carry consequences even after the case has been resolved.  Past criminal charges will show up on background checks of potential employers or organizations you are looking to join.  These charges could potentially hurt your ability to get the job you want or join an organization you want to be a part of. 


Fortunately Ohio Law offers the opportunity for you to seal prior criminal charges and prevent them from showing up on your record.  Provided it has been 1 year since your misdemeanor conviction or 3 years since your felony conviction you may be eligible to have your record sealed.  Sealing your record involves filing an application with the clerk of courts in the court where the charge(s) occurred, getting a hearing date in that court, presenting evidence as to why your record should be sealed and ultimately the judge deciding whether to seal your record.  This is a relatively simple procedure though one where you certainly will benefit in talking to an attorney. 


Mark Raines will offer a free consultation to any person who wants to discuss the possibility of sealing his or her record.  At the consultation you will be advised as to whether or not your charges can be sealed, when the charges can be sealed and the kind of evidence that will best help you with your case.  Do not let a one-time mistake limit your opportunities going forward.  Take action now to get your record sealed and put those prior charges behind you for good. 






Things to Know Before Beginning Process of Sealing your Record:

  1. The specific prior charges against you.This includes:

    1. the total number of charges against you

    2. The level and degree of charge (misdemeanor/felony, first/second/third/forth degree)

  2. The date(s) of the prior charges against you

  3. The Court(s) where the charges were filed

  4. The final disposition of the prior charges against you (Guilty/not guilty/dismissed)

  5. Whether you have pending charges against you



Factors that May Help Your Case for Sealing Your Record

  1. Total time elapsed since the prior charge(s) (longer is better)

  2. Education obtained since prior charge(s).Good evidence includes:

    1. Degrees / Diplomas

    2. Report Cards

    3. Awards

    4. Letters of Recommendation from Teachers / Advisors

  3. Jobs held since prior charge(s).Good evidence includes:

    1. Letters of Recommendation from employer(s) (particularly if employer was aware of prior charge or criminal record)

    2. W2s / Paystubs highlighting sustained employment

  4. Evidence of programs completed relevant to charges.Examples include:

    1. Alcohol Treatment Program (if charge was alcohol related)

    2. Drug Treatment Program (if charge drug related)

    3. Theft Diversion Program (if theft charge)

  5. Any other evidence relevant to rehabilitation.Basically, this is any other evidence that supports the fact that the prior mistakes are not the kind that will be repeated in the future.

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